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খালের প্রকারভেদ

Classification of canals based on the function of canal

Classification of canals on the basis of their functions are given below:

Irrigation canal.
Navigation canal.
Power canal.
Carrier canal.
Link canal.
Feeder canal.

1. Irrigation canals
These are the canals which carry water to the fields. The canals having outlets are called irrigation canals. For example Distributory canals. Minor canals.
These canals carry water to the fields. In these canals, the velocity of flow is kept high so that the water may carry silt in suspension.

2. Navigation canal
These are the canals which are used to provide transport and voyage facility from one city to the other or from one country to the other.
Main canal is navigation canal.

3. Power canal
The canals which are constructed to supply water with very high force to the hydro electric power station for the purpose of moving turbine to generate electric power is known as power canal.Main canal is also used as power canal.

4. Link canal
The canal that is from river to river is known as link canal. For example
Sidhnai Malsi link canal in Pakistan.
Taunsa Panjand link canal in Pakistan.

5. Carrier canal
Carrier canal is a canal which besides doing irrigation carries water for another canal. It is a canal that is link canal and has outlet.
Upper chenab canal in west Punjab in Pakistan is an example of carrier canal.

These canals not only serve for irrigation but also provide the link between two channels and serve to provide water to other conveyance structure. The total flow through carrier canals is more than the flow required for input to the other conveyance structure. The excessive water is used to serve irrigation purposes.

6. Feeder canal
A feeder canal is constructed with the idea of feeding two or more canals. When main canal is divided into two canals then it is called as feeder canal.


Lower chenab canal feeder.
Rajistan feeder canal and sidhnai canal.

These are constructed to provide water to other conveyance structures and is not used for irrigation. These canals feed two or more canals.

All of the above are classification of canals based on their functions.

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