Who we are?
We are some friends have taken an initiative to increase the Bangla content over Internet. We are friends and class mate. We have completed our BSc in Computer Science and Engineering from Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur.

For Whom?
If you are a BCS candidate, whether Preliminary or Written, this Blog will help you to increase your knowledge also help to make you prepared for these examination. This blog is not only resourceful for the BCS candidate, any job seeker might be benefited by following and reading this Blog. Commoners also invited to know some intricate things in easy way. 🙂

How will it help you?
If you are job seeker, then you know well, how many books you have to buy to make you prepared for your desired job. In that case BCS Solution BD has come forward to less your burden of purchasing cost. Because we try to post by covering all the topics related to the examination in a nice and consistent way. We try to explain everything in easy language so that the beginners can also start delightfully. Here you will find a well organized archive of information related to your job examination.

Why is it different from others?
If you visit others related sites, you find they are somewhat business oriented. Some times they have pay wall, content clocker, subscription, login, sign up, pop-up and many more. Here you will not face none of these disgusting things. On these sites, Different types of contents are stuffed here and there, sometimes irrelevant too. But we have…

  • Our sole target is to provide exact and full information which require to get prepared your self.
  • Hierarchically we have manged our content.
  • We update our Blog every day.
  • Contents are categorically posted. You can also read relevant posts following TAG.
  • We use \(LaTeX\) to represent mathematical equation.
  • Full archive of previous preliminary and written question with answer too.
  • Appropriate info-graphics are also used with posts.
  • Its one kind of one place solution. i.e. we cover preliminary, written and viva-voce.

How to use?
In our home page you find that it is sectioned into different parts. Choose any parts which you require. Then it will direct you to your desired content .
If you are a preliminary candidate and don’t want to read the lengthy article then there are the main theme on top of each long article, you may go through it.
Or we have highlighted the important information through posts. You can also give a glance on them.
And if you are a Written candidate I suggest you read the whole article with patience. If you have any query feel free to leave a comment on comment section.

Consider Us
We are gradually building our sites. We can’t say that now it is in complete sate. Sometimes you may find some topics/posts/pages are missing content or not covered yet. But we are still working on these area. In that case your valuable suggestion/evaluation is highly appreciated and will get higher priority.