Phrasal verbs 05

Phrasal VerbMeaningExample
Drive awayForce an animal or someone to leave a placeTheir unfriendliness DRIVES customers AWAY.
Drive awayto leave in a vehicle; to take somebody away in a vehicleWe heard him drive away.
End into have something as a resultTheir long struggle ended in failure.
End upto find yourself in a place or situation that you did not intend or expect to be inWe couldn’t get tickets for Egypt so we ENDED UP going to Turkey instead.
End up withGet as a result of somethingHe tried hard but ENDED UP WITH a poor grade.
Fall amongto enter the company of (a group of people), esp by chancehe fell among thieves.
Fall apartBreak into piecesThe box FELL APART when I picked it up.
Fall atto prostrate oneself before or at the feet of someone or something.She fell down at the feet of the horrid man who held her child.
Fall backto decrease in value or amountShare prices fell back after brisk early trading.
Fall back on/uponBe able to use in an emergencyIt was good to have some money in the bank to FALL BACK ON when I lost my job.
Fall behindMake less progressI was ill for a week and FELL BEHIND with my work.
Fall downHave a weak pointThe argument FALLS DOWN when you look at how much it’ll cost.
Fall forto be tricked into believing something that is not trueI’m surprised you fell for that trick.
Fall forto be strongly attracted to somebody; to fall in love with somebodyThey fell for each other instantly.
Fall fromto fall off of someone or something.The eggs rolled and fell from the counter(kitchen desk) and broke on
the floor.
Fall in withto agree to somethingShe fell in with my idea at once.
Fall in/outif soldiers fall in/out, they form lines/leave their lines and move awayThe sergeant ordered his men to fall in/out
Fall offDecreaseThe membership FELL OFF dramatically when the chairperson resigned.
Fall onto attack or take hold of somebody/something with a lot of energy and enthusiasmThe children fell on the food and ate it greedily.
Fall outArgue and be on bad terms with someoneThey FELL OUT over the decision and hardly speak to each other any more.
Fall throughBe unsuccessfulOur plans fell through because of lack of money.
Fill into do somebody’s job for a short time while they are not thereShe’s just had a baby, so we have hired someone to FILL IN for her.
Fill in/upto fill something completelyI FILLED IN the application form and posted it off.
Find outto discover sth or to discover that somebody has done something wrongHe had been cheating the tax man but it was years before he was found
Finish withto no longer need to use somethingWhen you’ve finished with the book, can I see it?

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