Mental Ability -50

(For both General and Technical/Professional Cadres)

The objective of mental ability test is to assess differential aptitude of the candidate. The following areas
are likely to be covered:
1. Verbal Reasoning: The verbal reasoning test, as its name implies, is a measure of ability to
understand concepts framed in pairs of words. The word used in these items may come from history, geography, literature, science, or any other content area. The item thus samples the candidate’s knowledge and his/her ability to abstract and generalize relationships inherent in that knowledge.
Example: Man has an inborn desire to……….the unknown.
2. Abstract Reasoning: The abstract reasoning test is intended as a nonverbal measure of the
candidate’s reasoning ability. The series presented in each problem requires the perception of an operating principle in the changing diagrams. In each instance, the candidate must discover the principle or principles governing the change of the figures and give evidence of his understanding by designating the diagram which should follow.
3. Space Relations: The Space Relation test is a measure of ability to deal with concrete materials
through visualization. The ability to visualize a constructed object from a picture of a pattern has been used frequently in test of structural visualization. The ability to imagine how an object would appear if rotated in various ways has been used effectively in the measurement of space
Example: A man travels 1 mile, then turn left and travels 1 mile, then he turns right and travels 2 miles, then again he turns right, and travels 5 miles. How far is he from the starting point?
A. 5 Miles
B. 1 mile
C. 9 miles
D. 6 miles
4. Numerical Ability: The test is a measure of the candidate’s ability to reason with numbers, to
manipulate numerical relationship and to deal intelligently with quantitative materials.
5. Spelling and Language: The spelling and language test is intended to measure the candidate’s
ability to detect errors in grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. The items reflect the principles of present day formal writing, and the ability measured by the test is highly predictive of success in a variety of academic courses.
Example: নিচের অক্ষরগুরো দিয়ে শব্দ গঠন করুন।
র লা দা প ফ ল
6. Mechanical Reasoning: The ability measured by the Mechanical Reasoning test may be regarded as one aspect of intelligence, if intelligence is broadly defined. The person who stands high in this characteristic finds it easy to learn the principles of operation and repair of complex