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Tag: Phrasal verb

Phrasal verbs 12

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example Sit aroungd Sit idly, doing nothing-অলস ভাবে বসে থাকা They just SAT AROUND while the others did all the work. Sit down Help someone
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Phrasal verbs 06

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example Get earns-উপার্জন করা He gets about $400 a year. Get Arrive-পৌঁছানো What time did you get here? Get To go to a place and
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Phrasal verbs 04

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example Contract out to arrange for work to be done by another company rather than your own-বাহির থেকে কাজ করে নেওয়া The company contracted out
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Phrasal verbs 03

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example carry forward to move a total amount from one column or page to the next-হিসাবের জের অপর পৃষ্ঠায় নিয়ে যাওয়া। They CARRIED FORWARD their
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