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3G — 3rd Generation.
3GP — 3rd Generation Project.
3GPP — 3rd Generation Partnership Project.
ABC – Atanasoff Berry Computer
ACM -Association of Computing Machinery
AGP -Accelerated Graphics Post
AI – Artificial Intelligence
ALGOL -Algorithmic Language
ALU -Arithmetic Logic Unit.
AMD -Advanced Micro Device
AMR — Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec.
ANSI -American National Standards Institute
ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
ASF -Advanced Streaming Format
ASP – Active Server Page
ATM – Asynchronous TRansfer Mode
ATM -Automated Teller Machine
AVI – Audio Video Interleave
AVR – Automatic Voltage Regulator
AVS -Automatic Voltae Stabilizer
B2B – Business to Business e-commerce
B2C -Business to Consumer e-commerce
BASIC -Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction code
BCC – Bangladesh Computer Council
BCD -Binary Coded Decimal
BCS -Bangladesh Computer samity society
BD – Binary Digit(Bit)
BDS – Binary Digital System
BIOS – Basic Input Output SystemM
BMP -Bitmap
BPS -Bit Per Second
CAD – Computer Aided Design
CAI -Computer Aided Instruction
CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing
CASE – Computer Aided Software Engineering
CDMA — Code Divison Multiple Access
GIF -Graphic Interchangeable Format.
GSM — Global System for Mobile Communication.
HTTP — Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
HTTPS — Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
IP — Internet Protocol.
JAD — Java Application Descriptor.
JAR — Java Archive.
JPEG -Joint Photographic Expert Group.
MP3 — MPEG player lll.
MP4 — MPEG-4 video file.
PNG -Portable Network.
SIM — Subscriber Identity Module.
SWF — Shock Wave Flash.
UMTS — Universal Mobile Telecommunication System
URL — Uniform Resource Locator.
VIRUS — Vital Information Resource Under Seized
WAV — Waveform Audio.
Wi-Fi -Wireless Fidelity.
WMA — Windows Media Audio.
WMV — Windows Media Video.

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